About IsleBe

Today’s health and wellbeing industry is littered with conflicting information.
How do you know what advice to go with? You could start by looking at the organization’s ‘about’ section, to see if their approach looks right for you. So here you go.. 

What is IsleBe?
A service to help you get healthier; body and mind.

IsleBe will do this by offering services to help people with different aspects of their health.  The first service offered is IsleBe Active – to help you build up your activity level, bringing with it mental and social benefit, as well as physical.

*Always keep in mind, physical wellbeing and mental health go hand in hand. 

For more information, see IsleBe ACTIVE


About Ann@IsleBe

I’m a real health geek.. Interested in health and well-being; healthy diet, physical activity, mental health and the social and cultural factors influencing our health and lifestyle.
My background has involved studying health and topics related to well-being, development and learning. This included a postgrad certificate in Health and Well-being, a graduate diploma in Adult Literacies Learning and a BSc in Rural Health Issues.  I have also undertaken shorter courses in nutrition and motivational interviewing, including a certificate in Nutrition and Health from the Royal Society for Public Health.
Work has been in relation to health, well-being and my clients’ personal development too:  I have 8 years of experience as a project coordinator and lifestyle adviser working within an award winning health project for the local NHS; focusing on cardiovascular disease and diabetes prevention.  This included delivering healthy weight sessions and working with the cardiac rehabilitation team.  I have experience working locally within mental health, adult education (including work with clients with varying support needs) and youth mentoring sectors. Through all of this I have talked to thousands of people across the Western Isles about what is important to them about health, what affects it most and what would help improve wellness.

My development as a fitness professional over the last couple of years has included training with Scottish Athletics as a Jog Leader, as a Nordic Walking Instructor with INWA, with the Hill & Mountain Skills Scheme as a ‘hill skill’ navigator and with the YMCA as a Gym Instructor.  Ongoing health study includes: Personal  Fitness Trainer, Nutrition for Exercise, Parkinson Disease for Nordic Walking Instructors, exercise in MS, AfN certified nutrition, as well as shorter courses focused on diabetes.
Upcoming training: Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Mindfulness and Life Coaching.

I believe that healthy lifestyle advice should be a practice what you preach effort: I went vegetarian at 11/12, so was focused on food from a young age.  I love making and eating healthy wholesome food that meets nutritional needs, (and eating sweeties, of course, along with the rest of the world..)  I’ve always been pretty active, but started jogging in 2012 and worked up to doing a few half marathons (slowly!!).  In the last couple of years, I’ve fallen in love with weight training. I love it so much I now have a little gym at home.   Mental health is in focus with everything I do, the benefit of physical activity, good nutrition and support underpins all my work.

So there you go,  I know about wellness and how important it is to all of us. x

Let IsleBe HEALTHIER help you be HEALTHIER!