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This is a 4 week block of Health Coach support, to give you some direction, moral support and accountability – with the aim of making it a bit easier for you to move towards a healthier lifestyle.

The cost of this 4 week block of support is £45.

  • The aim of this service is to support you to form some good, healthy habits and help you move toward where you want to be with your health.
  • We negotiate what suits you.
  • You have my support to practise your good habits while you use the service.


This service is offered remotely and privately – via an app, which is really simple to use, and you access on your smart phone.

We start with a video call (or face to face meet up if mutually convenient) to chat about what you want from this service, what your aims are and any difficulties stopping you. Then we come up with a plan of action – we set you some do-able goals for the week.  Throughout the week we check in with each other to see how things are going and for some motivation.  We use the app email messenger for this.

We  have a chat on the app email messenger at the end of each week, to see how things have gone, and set more little goals for the next week.

Video calls/email messenger chats will be at a pre-agreed, mutually convenient time (different time for every catch-up is totally fine! This is a flexible service!) Messages will be responded to within 24hrs at the longest.)

We have another video call at the end of your month block to chat over how it has gone and have a wee chat about what you plan to do next.

The research I follow, suggests it takes 10 weeks to form a good habit, so if you want further support to cement your new habits, you can buy further blocks of health coaching month to month.

After you use the service, the aim is that your good, healthy habits are bedded into your life!

Please note, I’m not a physiotherapist, doctor or dietitian, but I am an insured, competent fitness professional, with some nutrition knowledge and lots of support/motivation experience, with a focus on the mind.  So if the support you want fits into that, Hebridean Health Coach could be for you.

***Let me suggest you read the ‘About ‘ section on this website – then decide if my profile  suits the type of support you are looking for.                                                                                                                          https://www.islebe.co.uk/about/



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