What IsleBe customers say about the service…

I wanted to post a big thank you to Ann at IsleBe, over the past 12 weeks she has taken me from couch potato and not exercised for years to being able to run over 4 miles! Over the weeks she has guided me along the journey, each week following her structured routine I have become fitter and healthier with increased energy. At each stage she has answered ever question and query, offering encouragement and guidance to every ache & moan! And all this from 500 miles away from Stornoway. Big thank you and can I carry on?

IA Maciver

Islebe Online Health Coaching

Would recommend this programme to anyone it’s great to meet people and Ann Macinnes is so supportive and she encourages us all ,  look forward to it every week


Walk to Jog – Level 1 & Level 2/3

Big thanks to Ann of IsleBe – my first ever 5K which I could never have done without the motivation, training and encouragement at your class!  10 weeks ago we started with 30 seconds jog interval training. Today 5K!  We were slow but happy to manage 5K!  Thanks again Ann

Avril A

Walk to Jog – Level 1 – Beginners

I would totally recommend this class.  I have gone from being a couch potato to totally loving jogging. I still have a long, long way to go but needed this push to get started.  Ann Macinnes is a really encouraging, patient trainer and I can’t rate her highly enough.  Anyone having doubts about their ability to do this class should just go for it…if I can do it so can you!

Marion W

Walk to Jog - Level 1 - Beginners

Totally recommend Ann, I haven’t jogged for over a decade, and have barely moved due to illness for the past couple of years. I’m overweight, unfit and Ann got me to start. Now I’m in the middle of my second 10 week course and I’m doing better than I ever thought I could. Made fab friends and actually enjoy being out there.


Walk to jog - Level 1 & 2

After a health scare I had to take time out from anything fitness-related, I wanted to try this as a way back to better health.  I was nervous at first, and felt very unfit, but the pace has been gentle, the group really gelled and together we all have fun, so that we haven’t noticed how much progress we have made under Ann’s supervision.  We can now jog and talk, so we don’t notice the time passing. I’d recommend this approach to anyone.  Ann’s support and encouragement has been great – and she has really got us motivated too and makes sure we look after ourselves. if you are not sure  whether to give it a try, do, you will not regret it.

Kate M

Walk to jog - Level 1 - beginners

I have participated in the small jogging group for beginners, organised by Ann Macinnes, this is a ten week block and four of us meet with Ann at the castle grounds in Stornoway, on a Saturday morning. Ann has been very flexible, enabling us to accommodate weeks when we were away, without falling behind and she has really encouraged us to believe that we can achieve small changes and build gradually on our fitness levels. I was impressed that Ann gave a very clear indication online, concerning the starting level for the group and the goals that we would work to over the ten weeks, this resulted in a group where we were all happy to move at the same pace. I really enjoy the time on a Saturday morning (we are meeting for nearly an hour now), we chat and have some fun as well as gently jogging for a little longer each week, this is alternated with walking and we have warm up and cool down stretches and exercises.

Ann has been very encouraging and I found the progression quite manageable without much more than my usual daily dog walking but like everything, the more you put in, the more you get out of it.

Every week Ann emails to encourage us and give clear instructions for the next session, the whole block has been excellent and very good value, I believe we are all keen to continue meeting with Ann and to keep going!
Being in the castle grounds has been an added bonus, we have had good weather most weeks and we try not to be distracted by the stunning scenery, with the sun shining over the harbour, it is usually very quiet and relaxing. We started by gently jogging for a minute or so and by the last week we will be up to 15 minutes! The whole experience has been very motivating and enjoyable, so often you lose your motivation with fitness groups but you just really want to make the effort when Saturday morning comes around!

Debbie F

Walk to Jog - Level 1 - Beginners

Ann is great at the walk to jog class.  Didn’t think I’d ever run for 2 mins never mind 17+ and felt I could have carried on! Can’t wait to start the next block, 5k here we come! If you’re worried, don’t be, just do it.


Walk to Jog- Level 1 - Beginners

If you are thinking that you can’t jog, you should definitely give this a go as you will be pleasantly surprised  by what you can achieve and how much you will enjoy it 🙂


Walk to Jog - Level 1 - Beginners

Just finished level 1 walk to jog and it’s been really good . If your thinking of doing  this programme I would highly recommend it .   Ann @  IsleBe manages the small group so well .  It’s a great way to improve your fitness levels, meet new people and have some fun on a Saturday morning .


Walk to Jog - Level 1 - Beginners

I’m really looking forward to the next level, I’m really amazed at the progress I’ve made over the course. I could never have imagined I’d be able to jog consistently for 15 minutes before I started the program.  I cant recommend IsleBe enough.  Ann is extremely patient and motivating especially when I think I cant go any further 😀 Ann is really knowledgeable and mixes the sessions up so you don’t get bored.


Walk to Jog - Level 1 - Beginners

I was really apprehensive about ‘running’ I really wasn’t confident that I could do it. I came to IsleBe after having a baby and wanted to get fit! As I was far from it! Week 1 running 30 seconds felt like it would never end but with Ann’s structure and motivation by the end of the first block I was running for 15 mins non stop. I felt amazing! Now after completing the second course I can run for 30 minutes non stop & I feel so motivated.

I had no fitness before I started and I can’t believe how far I have come. If I can do it anyone can, I really can’t recommend IsleBe enough!


Walk to Jog L1 & L2

After some years of little exercise and about to retire I decided to try and improve my fitness. I saw Ann’s advert on Facebook and decided to give her “Walk to Jog” course a go. I didn’t feel very confident I would cope! However, from the first day was so motivating that I began to look forward to each week. Size or age doesn’t matter – as we are all able to achieve.
From 30 seconds running on day one, I can now run for 30 minutes continuously and have even completed a couple of 5K races. Ann is committed to helping people be fit and healthy and has the knowledge to back it up. If like me you simply want to improve your fitness – and have some fun doing so, I would encourage you to try one of IsleBe’s courses. You won’t regret it! I’ve even acquired a running buddy through doing the course who is many years younger than myself. So, if I can do it, anyone can.


Walk to Jog L1 & L2